Friday, March 5, 2010

Re-design wonder

I've been busy designing and re-designing sites and at my full time job I've been experimenting with how Content Management Systems can help that company. Between all this, I haven't been promoting things as hard as I usually do. Blogging has slacked a bit too. During this time though, my main site has had a huge surge in traffic. It's amazing what a little site re-design with better SEO tied in will do. How the sites have ranked for the last little while in total views is 1. Fail Hard 2. This Blog 3. FNM Site and so on. The FNM site has never been the most visited site since I started this blog or even back when Would You Rather was going. Now it sits at 1. FNM Site 2. This blog and Fail Hard(same amount of views oddly enough). A little SEO goes a long way apparently.


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