Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Technology Challenge

I was talking with Yom tonight about a challenge I wanted to present to myself. I want to only use my Tangerine G3 266MHz iMac for one week. It runs Mac OS 9, with no wi-fi, but does have Photoshop 5.5! I have two shoots I'm working on editing right now and I do need to finish those first.
Also, I do need a modern computer at work so this will be my only computer at home. No iPhone, no iPad, etc for anything other than texts/phone calls.
Why do this? Well, a PC of this vintage would not/could not function given the tasks I usually need to do. I want to see if the Mac is up to the challenge.
How do I plan to do this? Well, I can use the Twitter web interface, I have Photoshop to perform the most basic image manipulations, and I can design web pages the old fashioned way...with a text editor!
Starting next week I'll try to prove to anyone who will listen to me, that a G3 iMac can still fulfill basic computing needs because somehow my netbook freezes after opening two images in Microsoft Picture Viewer.

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