Monday, October 26, 2009

Customer Service-When is it really service?

For 3 years I worked at a retail giant that consistently had complaints about it's service. It was always drilled into our heads that the customers needed to have a good experience so it'd show up on our scorecard. At no point was there a talk about how happy customers are repeat customers or anything to that affect. If the customer wasn't satisfied, you just didn't tell them about the survey we had.
Can you call that customer service? Of course not. Most often you're not actually getting good customer service and just lip service so they get a good score.
How do you stop this horrifying trend? Get rid of scorecards for one, but pay attention to your customer. Do they have a dog, use that. Make sure they notice that you're actually listening. It's all about building rapport with the customer. If a salesman at Company A tells me that I should buy a product because it fits my needs and a salesman at Company B tells me I should buy a product because my kid's favorite color is yellow and the
product is yellow, I'm going to pick Company B.

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