Thursday, October 22, 2009

Next MacBook?

Yesterday Apple released a bunch of new products, including a revised white plastic MacBook. It got me thinking, my MacBook Pro is a few years old now and has it's issues. It is a 15" MBP and has served me well, but I no longer need a dedicated video card because I'll do most of the editing on my iMac. So I want something more portable. Tossed around the idea of a MacBook Air, but ultimately decided on a 13" MacBook Pro. My wife has one and I like it. However, this new MacBook came out and I'm second guessing my decision. It has the same processor and graphics card as the basic 13" MBP, larger hard drive, and is $200 cheaper. Sure it doesn't have the aluminum enclosure and no SD card slot, but I could care less. So, if I write a post about my new basic MacBook in the next couple months, you know why.


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