Thursday, July 2, 2009

Epic Fail

A rare occurrence happened last night...twice. The first rarity, I got Asti, Yom, and I all together to film something. The reason I show up in so many videos is because I can usually only get one other person to film. Second very frustrating rarity: After filming several videos that night and getting lots of great b-roll material, I went to download the videos to my computer. Nothing. Notta. No videos to be found on the memory card. So, I try a different computer and get the same result. I put the memory card back in the camera and find the old videos to be on there, but none of the new ones. Obviously freaking out at this point, I try a couple different data recovery programs just in case the files were on there but they just didn't show up. I got nothing again. I try putting the same memory card back in the same camera and film a little test clip. Works fine, transfers to the computer just fine. I always check to make sure it says it's recording before we start the intro and I know the memory card was inserted right(doesn't let you put it in wrong anyway). I'm just baffled and also upset because it's hard to get a couple people together to film. I'll see if I can pull it off again.


Pic courtesy of icanhascheezburger

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