Thursday, July 9, 2009

The future

Unfortunately, it came to this. We are no longer producing the videos for Would You Rather Daily. There's only one simple explanation for this, and that's a lack of commitment from those who are supposed to be involved in the site. So rather than set up the expectation for a new video every day, I'm changing the format quite a bit. There will still be a daily would you rather question posted, but in the future it will be accompanied by a Pros and Cons list usually written by myself. This way, I'll be the only one to blame if something doesn't get done and I won't have to rely on others. I think this will work, although I do plan to go back to the daily format once I can get a committed team back on board. Expect to see some changes to the site soon to reflect our future goals. I would like to thank everyone though for the videos we did do, because they were fun to make and fun to watch and a lot of work did go into them.


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