Monday, September 21, 2009

Snow Leopard?

I have a couple year old MacBook Pro that until I got my iMac, I did all of my work on. It only has a 120GB hard drive and it is constantly FULL. I am always putting things on an external hard drive and it's not as speedy as it used to be. Let's just say I used to compare it to Porsche''s(still has some zoom-zoom). Well, I'm thinking I'm going to back it all up, then switch to Snow Leopard(currently has 10.4.11 Tiger), add some RAM, put all my Adobe CS4 applications on there and hope it's renewed. Right now I have the Adobe CS2 Suite and Dreamweaver 8 on there. It's awkward switching between the two. Has anyone had experience on Snow Leopard since 10.6.1 was released?


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