Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Goal

With the start of a new year, goals often come to mind. Last year I wanted to make this my full time gig. Many things happened to prevent that from happening. I also bit of more than I could chew at that time. As much as I would like to make this my full time job, I still have a lot to learn in order for that to happen, so I'm starting smaller. I'd like to launch 2 major projects of my own, get a steady income from this company, and upgrade my workhorse computer. It's a fairly new 24" iMac and it's great for most things, but it doesn't have discrete graphics. A few weeks ago I was working on an image that was 8ft. tall by 4ft. wide at 300dpi! Needless to say, Photoshop slowed to a crawl. Not long after that, I was working on a 5ft. tall by 2ft. wide image at 300dpi again. It's putting a load on my computer. Right now I usually am working on two computers at once, usually for different projects and while one is uploading a large website I can work on the other. Right now it's my iMac and a Mac Mini that I use mainly as a media server, but it makes a good work companion too. So if I upgrade my iMac, I can still use it as a backup. So there you have it, my 2010 goals.


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