Friday, December 11, 2009

Charge for convenience?

All too often today, I see the phrase 'Convenience Charge'. I find that this is only convenient as a mean of additional revenue and worse customer service.
How often do you hear a company give a big speech about how they've re-focused on the customer and pride themselves on their service? Quite often, right? How many of those same companies charge you for them to be in the right place at the right time? The answer is usually a lot. Is that really serving the customer? As a consumer, I think of that as if I inconvenienced them and they're so upset at me that they want to go Dick Cheney on me and break out the waterboarding technique. Consider that's bot legal for a small business, they charge you extra money.
I will give you an example. Over the summer, I was looking to buy tickets to a minor league baseball game. The ticket price was a reasonable $7.00, but the convenience charge was $4.00...per ticket. For 10 tickets, that's an extra $40 to support their website that they should have already! It's not as though they are going to shut down their site if they no longer sold tickets online. This becomes a dis-service to the customer.
With the way the economy is, doing something that might anger a customer is considered a no-no. If you want to win customers back or gain new ones, focus on customer service and mean it!

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