Saturday, December 19, 2009

Someone to rely on

Having someone to rely on is key in business. Everyone is looking out for numero uno and unless you're the one doing the looking, you're never someone's priority. It's sad to see that you can't trust so many people, but when money is involved, it gets crazy. So, having someone to rely on is important now more than ever.
What I'm getting at, is you need to be the one to rely on. Hard work does not guarantee success, but it helps...a lot! I know people personally who get upset that they haven't been successful, but they've put little effort into their work. It's no secret, success most often won't jump up and say 'Hello! Come along on this path paved with money!', however some still think that's the case. In business, failures will happen. I, for example, have started more projects than I can remember, some were met with great success, some were quite the money pits, but the key is hard work, determination, and someone to rely


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