Monday, May 4, 2009


So the major thing that has been lacking in our video has to be sound quality. We improved the lighting by adding some lights which helped our video quality. And if you click the HQ link on the YouTube videos it helps out a lot. Well, without powerful speakers, the videos tend to be too quiet. Our previous filming set up consisted of a few Flip Video cameras. Hey, we're on a limited budget. Anyway, it was time for an upgrade. So, we purchased a Canon FS100 flash memory video camera with one very important feature. A mic input! This way we can get better sound quality and bring the mic just a little bit closer to us. For this we picked up an Azden ECZ-990 shotgun microphone. You can see the whole setup above. This will undoubtedly increase the quality of our videos for you. Since we film in advance, don't expect to see this in action on YouTube until probably middle of next week.


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