Friday, May 1, 2009

Work made difficult

So if you've read the About Us page on Funny Name Media's site, you know I've got two dogs that dream of stardom. Occasionally you'll hear one of them in one of the videos we're doing. Well, they let me know when I'm not paying enough attention to them too. Case in point is provided in these pictures. The pictures were taken a few weeks ago, but this isn't an uncommon experience. I'll be working, scoot back from the desk for a second to grab a paper and a dog will jump up on my lap, then onto the desk and sniff around. After I get one down, the other follows suit. As you might imagine, this slows down work just a little bit. Fortunately I've learned how to avoid it, but these little buggers will do what they can for attention. One day we'll have to put them in front of the camera. They'll be on E! before you know it.


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