Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy week

Haven't been able to blog much as I've been busy working on re-designing Yom's Random Stats and working a little on one of the new sites. Also, we've been short-handed on filming recently and it won't get any better as both Asti and Spyder are leaving the country soon. So I've been digging through old footage seeing what I can turn up. Should be interesting as I have come up with A LOT of bloopers/outtakes which I will compile soon enough.
Tomorrow brings the results of the first Realistic Would You Rather(R-WYR). Sure enough, Yom did eat Spam for a day. Granted he cheated a little, but he still did an admirable job. Look for that to be posted tomorrow in place of our regularly scheduled programming. It will be up over the weekend as well.


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