Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Upgrade Pt. 2

So as you know from reading this blog, previously I discussed my USB hub and how I was running out of room and that I needed a desktop rather than using my laptop. Well it's finally to that point. My MacBook Pro which has done all the work on the sites/video thus far is two years old now and starting to show it's age. So yesterday, I took delivery of my new 24" iMac. So far I've only been able to edit one video on it, but it goes much quicker than my laptop did. Plus I was hooking my laptop up to a 19" monitor so I have much more screen real estate to work with now too. Overall I am excited about how this will increase my productivity.
We did get a little filming done last night, but not filming on the road trip has really thrown the schedule off and I am behind in work. I'm also working on re-writing the website from scratch with Asti. I've always known it's needed work, but now I have some spare time to actually try and accomplish something. And after WYRD gets re-done, it's on to YRS, then I can work on some of the new sites I've sorely been wanting to work on. Not enough hours in the day I'm afraid.


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