Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend work

So the weekends are rarely relaxing anymore. Between working on the house and working on the sites/videos, relaxing usually is not an option. Well this weekend was no exception. Yesterday Asti and I pored over lots and lots of website code. Exciting, I know. But it was very helpful. And he also showed me his latest work on changing our daily polls. They will be easier to use, easier to comment on, and best of all, it'll be easier on me updating the website! Can't argue with that. After we got done working on the site, we went to filming. Bubbles joined us and we knocked out a few videos. Since Asti is leaving to England and Spain this week, we're going to try and meet up again this week to get some more filming done for the time that he will be away. Look forward to the new polls in the upcoming weeks.


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