Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Game

So we made it to the game. There was no rain for the first inning, but then the skies opened up. We we're put on rain delay for about an hour. Before the rain, the Bees were down by 6. So not off to a great start. Everybody except Yom showed up after the rain. Unfortunately, his friends wedding was that same night so he had to leave during the rain delay. So the game got back underway around 9pm and we just sat back and enjoyed ourselves. It was a bit chilly out after the rain and I had forgotten my coat in the car. So after a trip to the team store and realizing they wanted $110 for a coat, I instead paid $25 for a long sleeve shirt. It helped keep me warm fortunately. We stayed as long as Asti would let us stay(he was too cold) which ended up being the bottom of the 7th and about 11:00pm. We then went to Denny's to get an after game snack. Apparently ordering bacon was rather hilarious. Don't ask.I think we will definitely try and do this again. Maybe I'll take everyone out to a Jazz game this year. A little bit faster pace would be helpful in keeping everyone interested.


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