Thursday, June 18, 2009

It came to this...

Sometimes in life you're put in a pinch and you are forced to make a decision. Here was my dilemma. Asti is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Spyder was in Canada for a bit and had to dive back into work, and Yom has been unavailable recently. What am I saying? I was out of footage to use except for one video I didn't really feel comfortable with seeing the light of day. Mainly because it gives you an insight into insight that outside of the FNM guys and my wife should not see. But to keep the website rolling, it got posted. TFAM vs. TFAM 2000.Yup, it's me arguing against myself and the only winner is the viewer. It's on a whole new level of...interestingness. This was filmed back in March and is one of a kind. If you dare, check it out here.
Soon, everyone should be available again so I can stockpile some footage. We're also planning to do some filming at the upcoming Salt Lake Bees game I'm taking everyone to.


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