Friday, June 12, 2009

Shopping Spree

This is not your usual shopping spree. However, I did do some shopping. I purchased a few domain names for new and current websites. There were a couple I already had in mind and I stumbled upon a couple more. I can't tell you what the new sites are just yet, but I will tell you RandomStat.Com is now registered and pointed to well...Yom's Random Stats.
I met with Yom today to discuss his new idea for a website and I started out thinking his idea was much too expensive for our budget, but he turned it around and made it into something do-able. So, we discussed names for awhile, decided on one and registered that domain. Also, one of the domains I registered was an idea I've had for some time so I fast-tracked it and have already come up with a concept page to gauge interest of the other Funny Name Media guys. Which means no one will look at it, it'll go live, then a few months later have to re-work it all because I'm finally getting feedback. It's how it goes.


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