Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You have spoken

Power to the peeps...err...something like that. Over the weekend, we posted the very first Would You Rather Daily blooper reel/behind the scenes video. I thought it was pretty hilarious, but I do all the editing and I know all these people so who am I to judge. That's why I threw together a little poll to accompany it and see what you, the viewer, thought. Here's a link to the vid in case you missed it.
Well here are the results, 80% said yes to more blooper vids! And it was split on whether you wanted to see it often or not so often. Considering the 3 minute video compromised of 2 months of filming, I think we'll need some time to get another blooper vid. Maybe a 2 minute video in a month or so.
On the topic of new-ness(was I on that topic), Yom and I are having a meeting tomorrow about new site idea. I've only heard the gist of it, and well, the devil is in the details. We'll have to see what he has up his sleeve. I already have one side project with him(Yom's Random Stats), so who knows how another will go. Not to mention the side project I have with Spyder that has yet to materialize. Oh, and the project I want to do myself. And Asti and I have been throwing side project ideas around. Did I mention that I'm lobbying for 30 hour days?


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